Autumn in Spring

Spring is here (it must be, snow yesterday!) and the usual plants are beginning to come into flower.  Beside the Burn there are still reminders of Autumn, this bramble leaf looks gloriously autumnal in the bright sunshine this morning.  I am guessing that this discolouration is caused by fungal decay.


A very mixed weather day was trailing into an dull and undramatic evening, then I glanced out of the window as the clouds eased to bring this view over Townhead to Hexhamshire beyond….

30 minutes earlier, a Barn Own flew past…….


Orphan Pheasants 22 July 15

A few months ago, one of the terriers (who in order to protect the innocent I will call Jack!) found a pheasant sitting on her eggs beside the burn.  Unfortunately he chased off the hen and destroyed some of her nest and eggs.  I waited an hour to see if the pheasant would return then brought the remaining eggs back to the cottage and put then in the incubator with some Dorking eggs we were hatching. WP_20150602_10_03_32_Pro In the fullness of time, the Dorkings hatched along with a day later, two pheasant chicks.  After they were all fully feathered they all went out into the ark for a week to get used to all the other poultry before being allowed to run free in the orchard.  I fully expected the two pheasants to disappear into the wild at the first opportunity but a month later they are still happily trotting around the orchard and garden with their “siblings” the Dorkings! P1050487 P1050486