Lauren’s Graduation July ’14

One major event before we moved house was Lauren’s graduation day, which involved a drive down to Nottingham in the Land Rover, we had a bed to bring back with us.

We may now call her Lauren, BV MedSci Hons!

P1060095  She seemed happy enough….

I think sister Helen was almost as excited.


Oh yes, and one or two of Lauren’s friends did rather well too!

P1060102 - Version 2

Only two more years of extraordinarily hard work and they will be let loose on an unsuspecting animal kingdom.

It’s Been a Busy Old Time…..

Good grief!  It’s been four months since I last posted properly, most of the recent posts here, those covering the last year, have been transferred from the old site

In fairness we have been a tad busy.  We put our house on the market on Christmas Eve.  Yes, not the most obvious date but there we are. In August we accepted an offer and 6th of September we packed up and moved.


But to where I hear you ask?  Well, five miles away up t’hill to where the views are lovely and the wind blows chill, to my Mother’s old cottage which we are planning to buy, renovate and slightly extend.

Some of you will have seen pictures of “The Cottage” over the last few years as our horses and poultry have lived there for some time now and have featured in many posts and blogs.


It’s not always like this at the cottage and hopefully during the next nine months or so the sun will shine long enough for us to do a considerable amount of building work.  Over the following few weeks I will try and catch up with some of the other things that have been happening in our lives……

Bread and Butter… 1/07/2014

This week’s aggravation of and old back injury has restricted activities, however bread and butter making went ahead as planned. Tomorrow morning’s breakfast is looking promising…… Thanks to the Baynes family, for the wonderful cream used in the butter, their milk and cream is highly recommended! I must get some bees, the table is looking bare without honey!!


Farmer Jonny 22/06/2014

Jonny has taken a short break from tree surgery for a few months to help on his girlfriend’s father’s farm. At the moment they are busy cutting and baling silage for the dairy herd, and working around sixteen hours a day!

Helen, who is planning to start a land management degree at Harper Adams University this year, enjoyed a bit of time riding with Jonny while he was leading the bales into the yard this morning. I sense that she is keen to try a bit of tractor work herself……..



Underneath the Spreading Greengage Tree…!! 21/06/2014

It was a glorious, sunny and hot morning up at the cottage, Boris our Muscovy drake was enjoying a few minutes resting in the dappled shade of the greengauge tree while the ducks were laying, and swimming in the pond. Boris no longer goes in for this “Cleanliness nonsense”!!

Sadly the afternoon has been overcast and disappointing.


Rosa Meg Merrilees 18/06/2014

At the far end of the field at the cottage, behind the young Horse Chestnut tree, our lovely old collie Meg is buried. A couple of years ago and after a long search, we found this rose to mark her grave. Appropriately a “dog rose” Rosa Meg Merrilees, which always flowers quite early in the season and is now in full bloom, providing an excellent reminder of our dear old dog. Well worth the long drive to the Larch Cottage Nurseries just south of Penrith in the Lake District to find this rare rose.